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Kent & Medway Test:

We would like to say a massive well done to our Kent and Medway test-takers this year. Everyone of you put in 110% on the day. It has been a changeling year and most of you have been prepping for this test for 2 years. Not knowing if it was going ahead or not was unsettling and caused some anxiety, but you did it. Well done! I have spoken to each one of you personally.

To say I am proud of you all is an understatement; you did yourselves proud well done and thank you! I wish you all the best of luck in whichever school you go to.

Our results:

·       Kent Test = 100% pass rate for 2020.

·       Medway Test = 100% pass rate for 2020


The average rate over 5 years rolling 85.4%; 41 students passed out of 48 since 2015.

Results are taken from students taking the 11+ entry exam for Kent and Medway from 2015-2020, Students who have solely been with S-H-E for entry test support. 

COVID 19 update:

Children's Education is important to us and also their safety. We are teaming up with Cube to provide a whiteboard video 1:1 tuition service. This is live now, we are working with Cube to finalise the minor details.

Cube Portal - S-H-E

No download needed - interface requires; internet, laptop, PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Devices will require a webcam and microphone.

Please note mobile phones are limited to content.

Apple IOS 13 or greater.

This Portal will provide face to face sessions, and continue to provide education via distant learning. The interaction will be the same, resources can be emailed directly to the parent's or carer's email address.

Online Safe Guarding policy for minors available on request.

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