Swale Home Education has traded for 10 years in the Education sector. It has strong ties to all local councils.


All staff are qualified at PGCE level and are Fully DBS checked. We pride ourselves on being fun, reliable and imaginative as well as being disciplined, safe and flexible.


Swale Tutors support children up to and including Key Stage 3. We support and help children to increase their potential within the classroom, moulding minds to great success. Everything is on a 1-2-1 basis and done in a traditional teaching method, personal programs are made to support all.


Every child's programme is built to support their individual needs and their ability. Progress is always taken into consideration.


Swale Tutors also specialise in working with children who have Autism (please see our Brighter Life Page). 


One hour a week, has proven to have improved the childs ability to do better in a classroom environment. It has also helped exceeded their class’ average. Swale Tutors also help build confidence in areas where they may lack.  "Learning by doing" is a proven style that is hands on, helping build the child's mind and guiding them in the direction they need to apply themselves academically and socially. This  ultimately helps them to shine at school.


Our aim:

"To help every child reach their full potential"


Each child’s needs are considered and their personal programme is built up based on their level of confidence and their ability. 


Child Safety


Swale Home Education complies to the DFE requirements of working with children. All Teachers are checked in accordance with the safe guarding of children.


DBS checks are done on all our teachers along with the "list99" check. DBS certificates are registered on the update service to do spot checks wherever we see fit.





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Our Staff


All Swale Tutors staff are fully trained to a PGCE level or equivalent. They teach to the needs of the child in a nurturing way.

All staff are insured by Towergate with PL and indemnity for homes or in the academic centre.


We use a central 3rd party agency to check all our teachers.


If at any point you have any concerns about our team please contact us.