Brighter Life Team


Swale Home Education is affiliated to Beacons Therapy, which works within the community and schools to support those that need additional emotional support. We know that everyone is not the same and everyone has different needs.


Here at S.H.E we have a specialist teacher, Sarah, along with Suzie and Kate, who have hands on experience working with children and young adults, that need that little extra support.


Sarah works within the private education system, providing support to children with behavior and learning difficulties. Sarah also works along side Suzie and Kate, the three of them work within the care system going into homes to provide therapy to children and adults with disabilities.


The ladies are ever in demand. Booking in advance is essential for her classes.


They specialises in:

ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia , E.B.D (Emotional Behaviour Difficulties), Autism, Downs syndrome, Asperger, A.P.D (Avoidance personality disorder). Speech Disorders.


Please visit the Children's Therapy Web page here